A few facts are important when looking at the work of Alejandra Espinasse if we want to understand who the artist behind those shapes and colors is.
She was born in Buenos Aires on March 22, 1966. She started painting when she was a small girl of 10 thanks to the encouragement of her mother, who also painted. Since that early age, she knew she loved painting and that painting would be her chosen career.
She then went on to study at the School of Visual Arts “Regina Pacis” in Buenos Aires, where she earned the degree of “National Drawing and Painting Teacher”.
At that time, she was doing figurative painting and drove her inspiration from landscapes such as La Boca, San Isidro, the Port, ships. With time, her painting started to adapt to her personality, she began developing different styles and techniques until she acquired a particular style of her own, with shape, color and character in each brushstroke. In 1990, a newlywed, Alejandra moved to Puerto Madryn, a coastal city in Patagonia, where she has raised her family.
Her painting accompanied her in all her changes. Early on, she went through a Fishes and Sea period, a reflection of her life in relation to water. Then, for a while, she worked on flowers, where romanticism and purity became manifest. Patagonian coastal landscapes were also prominent at a time.
After a prolific production, she heard the call of Abstractionism, a style she is still exploring. Abstract Art has more mysteries, is less explicit and there are many factors interplaying: how the work is perceived, colors, shape, the strength and texture of brushstrokes, composition and, uppermost, the feelings of the artist.
Alejandra runs her own art workshop, where she teaches drawing and painting to adults.
“Painting is a hard road in which you never reach you dreams and, just like the Sun, it has a fresh start every day”